What You Might Need

Simple Accounting 



A few things to bring:

Last year's tax return (if we didn't prepare it)

W-2 forms

1099's of any kind (misc. income, interest income, etc.)

Investment, Mutual fund, and Stock Trade Statements

K-1 schedules from Partnerships, LLC's, S-corporations

Retirement plan contributions and/or withdrawals (1099-R)

1098 statement(s) from mortgages

Medical expenses (including Rx, co-pays, mileage)

1095 Affordable Care Act (health insurance) notices

HSA and health insurance information

Charitable contributions (including cash, non-cash, and mileage)

Dependent info (SSN, DOB, relationship, # of months spent at home)

Tuition, fees, and required course materials (bring 1098-T)

Alimony paid or received (do not include child support)

Sales tax paid on vehicles or other major purchases

Settlement HUD's on sale and/or purchase of real estate or houses

Costs of windows, insulation, furnace, water heaters qualifying for credit

Moving expenses, job hunting expenses

Anything else you think might help...

If you have a business or rental property:

Income received (include 1099-K, 1099-Misc)

Expenses related to the business or income

Mileage (business use of vehicles)

Home office and total sq. footage, utilities paid, cell phone costs