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Employee Payment options

Live Paper Checks

Pay employees with live paper checks, we can print your checks if you provide us with some check stock.  When payroll is finished we will email you to let you know that they are ready for pick up.  If you provide a stamp with your signature on it then we can have them stuffed and ready for distribution. Choose to mail pay checks directly to employees’ address or pick up in our office.  Simple Accounting will email a Payroll Summary for your records.

You Print Payroll

We will do the payroll then save it to a pdf file and email that to you, you can then open it and print it on check stock at your office then enter the payroll into your QuickBooks so that you can account for the checks when reconciling your bank account.  Simple Accounting will email a Payroll Summary along with the checks for your records.

Direct Deposit*

Simple Accounting offers Direct Deposit for the deposit of your employees’ paychecks. Direct Deposit is the preferred way to pay employees, due to its safety, speed and convenience. Paying your employees with direct deposit, eliminates the costs associated with checks and saves you time in terms of processing payments since payments are conducted electronically. Enroll today by filling out a Direct Deposit Authorization form.  Simple Accounting will email a Payroll Summary and Direct Deposit Summary for your records. (Direct Deposit is $3 extra per check in price $1.75 from Intuit directly and $1.25 from Simple Accounting)

Employee paychecks are direct deposited and their check stubs emailed to them, eliminating the need for any printing on your part. The paystubs are password protected, they can be downloaded and printed by the employee.  


Payroll reports are emailed to you, your CPA or bookkeeper saving costs for delivery and paper. Please contact your Payroll Specialist to enroll.


Your invoice for our service is emailed and payment can be electronically debited. To enroll please complete our E-Billing Agreement.


* The electronic movement of money is governed by the rules established by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA).