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What You Might Need

A few things to bring:

Personal Information:

  • Completed Client Tax Planner

  • Last year's tax return (if we didn't prepare it)

  • SSN or ITN, full names, and birth dates for each person included on your return (for children # of months spent at home)

  • Photo ID for you and your spouse

  • Bank account information if you would like to use Direct Deposit

  • Daycare information for your children, including how much was paid for each child and the name, SSN or EIN, and address of the daycare provider

  • Stimulus payment received for you and your family

  • Cost of windows, insulation, furnace, water heaters, solar panels qualifying for credit


  • All forms that say W2, 1099, 1098, SS, or Schedule K1

  • Account of alimony received or paid and ex-spouse's SSN (do not include child support)

  • Interest and Dividend income statements

  • Stock sale statements and initial purchase price of anything sold (basis)

  • Profit & Loss statement for any Rental Properties or Businesses that you own.  (See Business Information for further help)

  • Records of any contributions you made to any IRAs or retirement plans outside of work.


  • From 1098 - mortgage interest

  • Property tax statements

  • Total of Charitable contributions given in money

  • Total of charitable contributions given in non-cash donations (DI, Goodwill, etc)

  • Total of medical and dental expenses paid out of pocket (These can only count if they are very large - over 7.5% of your income.  So, if your expenses are minimal, you don't need to bother totaling them.  Do not count pre-tax premiums paid through your employer)


  • Form 1098-T for you or any dependents with higher education expenses (find on school website)

  • Amount of tuition and expenses paid for higher education, including books and supplies (K-12 expenses do not qualify.  Housing expenses do not qualify.)

  • Student Loan interest statements


  • Form 1095-A, if you are enrolled in an insurance polan through the Marketplace (Find at Healthcare.gov)

  • HSA Forms 5498 and 1099-SA, showing contributions and distributions from your account.  You may need to login online to your HAS and print theses.

Business and Rental Property Checklist

  • Business Name

  • Federal ID Number

  • Name, Birthday, SSN, Address & Phone number of each owner

  • Profit & Loss Statement (This is a list of your total income and expenses by category.  See example on the Business info Sheet). 

  • Balance Sheet (only if your revenue was over $250,000).

  • List of any depreciated property that was sold during the year.

  • List of any new large equipment or capital that was purchased during the year

  • Mileage (Total mileage and business use of vehicles)

  • Home office and total sq. footage, utilities paid, cell phone costs

Rental Properties

  • Rental Address

  • Purchase price (for new properties)

  • Profit & Loss Statement for each property (See example on the Rental Info Sheet).

  • Closing documents for any properties sold during the year

  • Mileage (Total mileage and business use of vehicles)