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Business and Rental Property Checklist

  • Business Name

  • Federal ID Number

  • Name, Birthday, SSN, Address & Phone number of each owner

  • Profit & Loss Statement (This is a list of your total income and expenses by category.  See example on the Business info Sheet). 

  • Balance Sheet (only if your revenue was over $250,000).

  • List of any depreciated property that was sold during the year.

  • List of any new large equipment or capital that was purchased during the year

  • Mileage (Total mileage and business use of vehicles)

  • Home office and total sq. footage, utilities paid, cell phone costs

Rental Properties

  • Rental Address

  • Purchase price (for new properties)

  • Profit & Loss Statement for each property (See example on the Rental Info Sheet).

  • Closing documents for any properties sold during the year

  • Mileage (Total mileage and business use of vehicles)

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Business Tax Preparation

Need help compiling your Business Income and Expenses we can do that for you or you can compile it using the tools above.  Click on the link, rename it to your business name.  Fill in the places that are blue with your info, you can customize what your income is called and what expenses you are using, then go to each month and put in your income and expenses.  It will create a P&L that we can use for your taxes.  If you want to upload it to Google Docs and share it I can help you fix anything that might give you a problem.  When you are done filling this out you can click on "Share" and share it with me at simpleacctg@gmail and I will have access to your info to put on your tax return. 

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